Hypnobirthing Workshops

The antenatal preparation workshops I offer are designed to equip you and your birth partner with the necessary tools to navigate your pregnancy and birth in a relaxed and confident way. The workshops cover detailed information about pregnancy, antenatal care, recognising signs of labour and stages of labour. Also included in the workshop are discussions about choices available to parents, communications with the multidisciplinary team involved in your maternity care and evidence-based information to support your birth choices. The workshops also cover coping techniques, aromatherapy, Rebozo techniques and other tried and tested methods to help your birth progress.  Together we will practice hypnobirthing scripts and guided relaxations to help you be in a calm state of mind. By regularly practising the hypnobirthing scripts you can easily trigger that calm state of mind during the birth. Being calm and in a relaxed state of mind brings about a more comfortable birth experience.

Hypnobirthing mum.jpg
Pregnant woman in nature
Mother and baby in autumn