Mother Blessing

When you create within a sacred paradigm, you find a strange thing. You are communicating with, and being fed by, sources you know are within you, but have much greater reflection somewhere else. You are in touch with something Timeless

Elizabeth Fuller

A mother blessing ceremony does just that. The ceremony honours birth as a rite of passage, It is derived from a Navaho Native American ceremony performed for expectant mothers shortly before birth. A simple series of rituals, chosen by the mother as meaningful to her, are like pearls on the necklace that is a ceremony; when strung together in a thoughtful way their sum is so much greater than their parts.

Sitting in circle. Sharing positive birth stories. Singing. Reading poetry. Threading beads onto a necklace for the mother to be, to draw strength from when labour comes. Sharing a red thread to tie on our wrists gives a visual reminder of our connection & is only cut when labour has begun, or baby has safely arrived earth side and feeding well. Walking a symbolic labyrinth. Pampering with a foot massage and scented oils. Sharing food & drinking tea. These are some of the things that women who gather like to do. In our modern culture these circles of women are more important than ever. They see us as we are & accept us, walk beside us, hearing our fears, letting our tears fall and cheering us on.

The growing of new life is an incredible achievement, the actual physical creation of a whole other being that houses a unique soul. The mother blessing ceremony is an act of honouring, the sacred space carved out of daily living to say, 'We see you. We hear you. You are loved. We are here for you.'