Pregnancy Circle

The main aim of the Circle is to nurture a mother through her pregnancy, working on the mother's beliefs about body and birth.  We connect, we support one another, we practice guided relaxations, share and learn from each other. We honour the phenomenal changes that a pregnant body goes through in a relatively short period of time, we take part in birth art and enjoy a cuppa and a natter. Each session will focus on a birth related theme. We close with a friendly chat, a cuppa and snacks. Please bring your favourite cushion and a light throw or blanket for the final relaxation. Each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Time: Tuesday evenings from 19:30 -20:45 

Cost is £40 for the course, or £12 per individual session payable at the beginning of the session.  Concessions available for the unwaged.

Contact Grace Today!
Grace Collins

Birth & Post natal Doula 

Qualified KG Hypnobirthing instructor. 

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